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Who We Are

Alberta Supply Management is a partnership between Alberta Milk, Alberta Hatching Egg Producers, Alberta Chicken Producers, Alberta Turkey Producers and Egg Farmers of Alberta. They work together to help educate Albertans about the benefits of supply management. Supply management means that these five industries produce for the Canadian market (they do not widely export) by matching their on-farm production with the demands of Canadians. The result is high quality, local food produced by Canadian farmers that reduces the global footprint by bringing you closer to your food.

Community Service


Production Management
Producers plan production to ensure that a steady supply of
quality product is available to meet consumer demand. This
balance between supply and demand ensures price stability in
the domestic market.
Import Controls
Tariff rate quotas are applied to any imported product in
accordance with our obligations under the agreement of the
World Trade Organization, which ensures a predictable supply
of imports.
Pricing Mechanism
Producers receive prices that provide a reasonable return,
which enables farmers to cover production costs and does
not rely on government or taxpayer subsidies.
Producers are thus empowered to deal as equals with the
small number of large processors who buy their food


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Alberta Milk is a non-profit organization that represents Alberta’s dairy producers. We undertake a variety of activities that represent the interests of Alberta’s dairy producers, such as marketing, nutrition, education, transportation and policy. We are a proud producer-driven organization.

We receive our direction from our board of directors and delegates, whom are all licensed dairy farmers.


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The Alberta Hatching Egg Producers is a marketing board that is controlled by a Board of five directors elected by Alberta hatching egg producers. We are committed to providing the industry with a superior quality product while fostering profitable growth. The AHEP prides itself in fostering confidence in the hatching egg industry through effective communications and by building co-operative relationships with other stakeholders in the poultry industry value chain.


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Alberta Chicken Producers is a farmer-run organization representing registered family-owned and operated chicken farms across Alberta. From our families to yours, Alberta’s chicken farmers provide your family with locally produced, nutritious and high quality chicken. When you purchase fresh chicken at your local
grocery store or restaurant, you are supporting your local chicken farmer. Certified and licensed under On Farm Food Safety Assurance and Animal Care programs, our producers are committed to supplying locally produced, high quality chicken to Albertans.


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Alberta Turkey Producers is the voice of the turkey production industry in Alberta. The organization is governed by a board of directors who represents the licensed turkey producers in the province of Alberta. Our leadership and service contribute to creating a stable environment for the protection and growth of the Alberta turkey industry. Alberta Turkey Producers is a member of Turkey Farmers of Canada.


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Egg Farmers of Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 1968, for the purpose of providing effective promotion, control and regulation of the marketing of eggs in Alberta. EFA represents the province’s more than 180  registered egg farmers, who are dedicated to providing Albertans with a stable supply of fresh, high quality, nutritious, locally produced eggs.

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